Limerick Men’s Sheds Network is a network of men’s groups around the city who aim to provide facilities and activities for hard to reach men in Limerick City.  Cooking, D.I.Y, drumming and furniture restoration are just some of the activities being undertaken by these men’s groups at the moment.  There are also plans to run an annual event where all the groups come together for a day of fun and learning.  Some of the objectives of the group are:

  • To promote Social Inclusion among men, by supporting them into a collaborative working or learning environment:  as the Australian Men’s shed put it “Men talk shoulder to shoulder and not face to face”.
  • To provide a safe, friendly and healthy working environment for men to learn new skills and meet new friends.
  • To promote learning within the organisations making up the network on best practice in supporting men
  • To link with national and local groups outside of Limerick working with men.