The Limerick Lone Parent Network’s objective is to have a supportive Network which encourages a sense of place for all Lone Parents, in order that they can come together, be supported and encouraged in creatively addressing their needs. It also provides information on rights and entitlements, accessing education and employment opportunities. The Limerick Lone Parent Network is also proactive in lobbying for change, in partnership with relevant groups, organisations and agencies.

Today Limerick has the highest proportion of Lone Parents in the country. The figures according to the 2006 Census show that the Lone Parent Rate in Limerick is 39%. (That is 39 % of all family units with a dependent child under the age of 15).  Research has shown that the needs of  Lone Parents have not changed a great deal in the last 20 years. Child Care remains a concern as does isolation and lack of information, to name but a few of the issues.

For further information please contact:

Katherine Kirby, Chairperson: 087 977 4826 or Majella Cosgrove:  087 989 4929