Research, evaluation and performance monitoring is an important activity of PAUL Partnership’s work. Research and evaluation is undertaken in order to:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the causes and factors of social exclusion
  • Plan and deliver appropriate responses to social exclusion issues
  • Monitor and document the outputs and outcomes from the Partnership’s strategies and actions
  • Document and share the learning from our work.

 We also provide research and evaluation advice and support to community groups and partner organisations in relation to undertaking research projects, evaluations, analysis of census data, and strategic planning.

PAUL Partnership publish reports relating to our general business operations and reports relating to the community at large or projects we support.  Click the links below to view reports.


Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports provide information on our activities throughout the preceding year.   Click here to view a list of  Annual Reports that are available to download.

Other Reports

As a learning organisation, PAUL Partnership is committed to identifying, documenting, and sharing the learning from its work.  Research, evaluation, and performance monitoring is a central element of the organisation.  PAUL Partnership often works with partner organisations and communities to undertake research into different social exclusion issues.  Research/publications that PAUL Partnership has undertaken, or has supported/worked with its partner organisations to undertake, include:

  • Community Support Needs of Older People Living in Queen of Peace Community in Limerick City
  • Ambitions for Transitions: A Guide to Support Every Child’s Progression from Early Years Services to Primary School
  • Census 2016: Limerick Metropolitan Area – Socio-economic and Demographic Profile
  • Limerick CYPSC: Think-in on Children’s Research and Data Seminar Report 2017
  • Survey of Small Business Start Ups in Limerick City 2016
  • Creating an Enabling, Supportive Environment for the Social Enterprise Sector in Ireland
  • PAUL Partnership Annual Follow Up Survey of Small Business Start Ups in Limerick City 2011-2014
  • Incredible Years Progress Report 2014
  • Census 2011 – Socio-economic and demographic area profiles and maps
  • Community Arts Spaces Vol. 1: A Guide to Community Arts Facilities in Limerick City
  • How are our Kids? – Experiences and Needs of Children and Families in Limerick city with a particular emphasis on Limerick’s Regeneration Areas
  • The Social Value of Community-based Adult Education in Limerick City
  • Incredible Years Limerick Evaluation
  • Hidden Fathers – Supporting Young Single Fathers at the Margins
  • Meeting the Needs of One Parent Families in Limerick City
  • Partnership in Action: Impact Analysis of the Work of PAUL Partnership 2000 – 2006
  • Identifying ICT needs in Disadvantaged Communities Within Limerick City

Click here to view list of reports available to download.