Supporting Limerick communities is a significant element of PAUL Partnership’s work.

A community development approach underpins the work of the Partnership.  A community development approach aims to empower people to work collectively to develop their community, and encourages participation, cooperation, and development of both individuals and communities.

The Partnership supports a range of community-based organisations and groups by:

  • Providing ongoing supports to the staff and management structures of community-based organisations to enable the delivery of community services and supports at a local level
  • Providing funding to community-based organisations to support the delivery of community services
  •  Providing research, evaluation, and facilitation support to community-based organisations.

The following community-based organisations/centres are currently being supported by PAUL Partnership:

  1. Moyross Community Enterprise Centre
  2. St. Munchin’s Community Enterprise Centre
  3. St. Mary’s AID
  4. Southill Community Services Board
  5. Southill Area Centre
  6. Our Lady of Lourdes Community Services Group
  7. Our Lady Queen of Peace Community Development Group
  8. Garryowen Community Committee
  9. St. Saviours Community Group

Community Based Services in Southill, St Munchin’s, St Mary’s, Moyross and Our Lady of Lourdes:

The Community Organisations/Centres, listed above, provide a range of services in their local communities.  In particular, they provide community-based information services where local residents can access information, advice and assistance in a range of areas such as welfare rights, referrals to other service providers,  education and training opportunities etc.  The community centres also provide a local space for community groups to meet and run a host of educational, recreational and cultural activities.  PAUL contributes funding towards staffing and overhead costs for the centres.

Southill Area Centre:

The Southill Area Centre opened in 2008 as a purpose built community centre in the heart of Southill, supporting community groups and organisations in the area.  Facilities include a handball alley, sports hall, office spaces, meeting rooms and a community cafe.  Programmes provided in the Centre focus on promoting residents’ and youth involvement, healthy living and community spirit.   PAUL Partnership provides both funding and staff support to the Centre, as well as participating in its Board of Management.

Our Lady Queen of Peace:

Our Lady Queen of Peace Community Development Group is working to develop the services and opportunities available to the residents of Rathbane, Kennedy Park, Glasgow Park and Janesboro.  PAUL Partnership supports the Community Development Group through its participation in its Voluntary Management Committee and sub-committees.   It also provides funding support to the group.  This support assists the group to provide adult education classes, environmental supports, and meals on wheels programmes in the local community.

Garryowen Community Group:

Garryowen Community Group has been working in the Garryowen area since 2007, identifying the needs of the community and working with a range of partners to enhance the services available in the area.  PAUL Partnership contributes funding and staff support to the employment of a Development Worker for Garryowen.  The group is involved with projects such as the provision of adult education classes, youth clubs and community fun days.

St Saviour’s Community Group:

St Saviour’s Community Group has been working in their community (Lower Hyde Rd., Carey’s Rd. and City Centre) since 2008.  The group, comprised of local residents, employ a Development Worker who works with the committee and the local community to support community activities, adult education and the development of community facilities.  PAUL Partnership provides funding support as well as supports to the Development Worker.