The Limerick City of Learning Steering Group was  established as a sub-committee of the Limerick City Development Board in 2002.  A key goal of the Board’s Strategy for the City is that Limerick will become a City of Learning –  a city full of opportunities.   

In 2008, the Steering Group produced its ‘City of Learning Collaborative Framework for Progress’.   In late 2010, the membership of the Group was re-constituted around key sectoral networks and fora in Limerick. The work of the Group is now facilitated by a part-time co-ordinator (Lifelong Learning Facilitator, PAUL Partnership) and work is progressing in relation to the various key milestones that were identified in the Collaborative Framework.

The Steering Group promotes the value of learning in Limerick, exploring concepts of Lifelong Learning and the Learning City.  It seeks to add value to the work of network members and their constituency of learners.

Among the current initiatives and priorities for the Group are:

  • Limerick City of Learning participation in EU R3L Grundtvig Project; which is seeking to devise a Quality Framework for Learning Regions.
  • Annual Learning Festival organised in collaboration with Limerick Communications Office and all partners.
  • Mapping/Scoping of key Partnership Initiatives/Learning Activity in Limerick.
  • Supporting development of Learning Pathways in Mid-West Region.
  • Collaborative Citywide Learning Initiatives as agreed by the Steering Group.