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From the moment a child is born a new phase in a parent’s life begins.  It will be a chapter filled with many joyful moments, making precious memories along the way and building an eternal bond between a child and their care giver.

All of us would like to believe that childhood and parenting is a happy carefree time for all those involved, but childhood just like any other time in life can bring stress and difficulties.

Incredible Years Limerick is here to offer you a helping hand in your role as caregiver through the various programmes on offer in Limerick City.  From our parent and baby programme to our school age parenting series we can be there to offer friendly, practical non judgemental advice.  We believe that together we can give your child the best possible chance of succeeding academically and socially. Incredible Years programme in Limerick are open to anyone who looks after children, a grandparent, a foster carer as well as a mother or father.

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