Below are some useful links to information you may find useful if you are considering the self employment option.

This informative and userfriendly site provides  public service information for self- employed people whose incomes are reduced.  You will  find information on Signing on for the first time,  Job Seekser’s Benefit and self- employment, becoming ill while self employed , Job seekers allowance and self employment, the means test for Job Seeksers Allowance and much more .

Toil and Trouble Booklet: This booklet published by the Department of Social Protection provides a simple and comprehensive guide  on all aspects of self employment  including the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance and other supports.

 The Cheese Mall – Key Marketing Skills for the Budding Entrepreneur by Bernie Tracey published by Beacon Coaching Consultancy 2011 –The Cheese Mall shows you how to go about starting your business in a sensible step by step method and demystifies all the jargon.

Payment of Tax

As a self employed person tax will be one of your key obligations and it is essential to keep your affairs in order from the start. A little time spent on informing yourself on your obligations, on file and pay deadlines and on sorting our your tax affairs in the beginning will avoid unnecessary and expensive mistakes down the line.

A Guide to Self Assessment ( IT 10):

Setting up a Business in Ireland

If you are thinking of starting a business there are a number of issues you need to consider. Different supports and regulations apply, depending on your particular situation.  This site highlights some of the important information you need to know with links to relevant topics to setting up a business.

Managing your money wisely:,

Some light reading: