PAUL Partnership plan to deliver a range of enterprise-related training to support current and future clients in their business start-up as part of the service delivery through SICAP. This training is designed and delivered to meet the needs of our target group and is aimed to accommodate individuals who are coming from a situation of either short-term or long-term unemployment into self-employment.   The majority of the client group participating in the training will also be working with PAUL Partnership in preparing a plan for their business start-up and application for the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance administered by the Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection.

It is intended to form a panel of tutors that will be in existence for the duration of SICAP programme Jan 2019 to Dec 2022. Tutors will be contracted on an annual basis depending on demand from clients and budget available.

PAUL Partnership is currently seeking tenders from suitably qualified persons/organisations to be included in a panel of tutors to deliver a range of enterprise related training. Trainers can tender to deliver one or more of the courses listed.


Two Tutors Panels are being formed for the delivery of PAUL Partnership’s Enterprise Training Programme 2019-2022:

Panel 1      Finance Training

Panel 2      Sales & Marketing Training

Terms of Reference and course outlines (with details of timeframe, number of expected participants and schedule of delivery) for each of these training programmes can be found below:

Panel 1      Finance Training:

Panel 2      Sales & Marketing Training: