TUS is a national activation initiative for those who are unemployed and on the Live Register.  The aim is to provide short-term quality and suitable working opportunities for people while at the same time carrying out beneficial work within communities.

Community and Voluntary Organisations will be able to develop and deliver services locally and benefit from the skills and experience of the unemployed person. Those who participate will improve their work readiness and will be able to apply their skills and learn new ones.

The Department of Social Protection (DSP) is responsible for the operation of TUS.  It is managed at a local level by Local Development Companies.  In Limerick city, it is managed by PAUL Partnership.


PAUL Partnership TUS Programme Team Leaders

TUS Newsletter July 2015


  • To qualify for TUS a person must have been continuously unemployed for at least 12 months and ‘signing’ on a full time basis, and
  • In receipt of a Jobseekers payment for DSP for at least 12 months, and
  • Currently in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance

DSP will contact eligible people and offer them the opportunity to be considered for local placement as opportunities arise. Those who agree to participate are referred to the PAUL Partnership for interview to determine the person’s skills and experience. A panel is established and as employment opportunities arise, those on the panel will be matched with the employment and recruited.

Participants work 19 ½ hours per week for 52 weeks.  Payment is at the full rate of JA plus €22.50, this is €210.50 p.w. Other payments in respect of qualifying adults/children, as determined by DSP, may also apply. Participants are entitled to statutory annual leave during the 52 week period.

Persons under 25 are eligible to participate if they meet the qualifying criteria.

Positions are available in Limerick City Centre, Northside & Southside

Application Forms are available at any Intreo Office or can be downloaded from this link: Tús Application Form

Completed forms should be returned to:

Intreo, Department of Social Protection, Floor 2, Riverstone House, 24 – 27 Henry Street, Limerick

Information for Community, Voluntary or Charitable Organisations

Community/Voluntary/Charitable Organisations are invited to provide work placements on beneficial projects, including:

  • Social care of all age groups and people with disabilities
  • Caretaking and supervising of community buildings/facilities
  • Renovation of community/sporting facilities
  • Community administrations and community event management
  • Work in support of heritage and cultural activities
  • Energy conservation work in homes and community buildings
  • Environmental work in a specific area

The above is by no means an exhaustive list but is designed to illustrate types of work opportunities which might be considered.

Organisations applying for TUS participants must demonstrate their need for such support along with the ability to monitor the participants and must supply detailed job description and work programme for each participant and for the full year. This applies where the organisation has agreed the precise job and work programme for possible participants.

Initially, organisations may indicate area of work they would like to consider should participants with appropriate qualifications/experience become available.  In this case you are required to complete the application by indicating a broad outline of the work to be considered and a job profile.  Should you be considered for allocation of participants you will then be required to submit a more detailed work plan for the specific activity.

Organisations approved for inclusion in the TUS programme to which participants will be allocated will be required to sign a Service Level Agreement with PAUL Partnership.

Click links below to download the TUS Expression of Interest Form

Completed forms to be returned to: Leona Collins, PAUL Partnership, Unit 25, Tait Business Centre, Dominic St., Limerick.  Tel: (0)61 419 388