The Local Employment Service and Limerick Adult Guidance Service offers a one-to-one service to clients to explore their employment needs and agree what training, education or upskilling may be needed to gain employment. The service works with each person to meet their individual needs and is free to all clients.

Our professional staff members offer comprehensive and up to date information on a range of options and employment incentives, job mediation and guidance counselling, placement and aftercare following job placement. We link with other agencies and service providers to provide clients with a ‘gateway’ service to what is the most appropriate service for each person. We work with each client in a personalised manner which is respectful of their needs, choices and circumstances.

The LES offers a service to employers to assist them in their recruitment and to help provide employment opportunities to our job seeking clients.

In addition to our central office in the city centre there are 4 fully staffed, full-time offices located in Southill, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Mary’s and on the Northside at Watch House Cross. Job seekers can access the full range of LES services from any one of these offices.