What is a Jobs Club?

  • A Jobs Club provides a range of facilities and services to help those who are unemployed, in training, or in part-time or low paid employment.
  • Anyone can avail of the Jobs Club facilities provided you have permission to work in Ireland.
  • It is a voluntary and free service.
  • The Jobs Club provides practical support and assistance to those who are seeking employment.


How Does the Jobs Club Work?

The Jobs Club offers:

  • A Drop-In Resource Centre.
  • Job Seeking Skills Training.
  • Support and Assistance in looking for jobs.


Drop-In Resource Centre

The Drop-In Resource Centre provides:

  • Access to computers, fax machine, and the internet.
  • Access to typing and photocopying facilities.
  • Assistance with developing Curriculum Vitaes.
  • Assistance in completing application forms.
  • Facility to browse through advertised “vacancies”.
  • Access to telephone and stationery.
  • Access to computers/internet/telephone is available on an hourly room booking.  Rooms must be booked in advance.  All material accessed must be job related.  All free of Charge!!!


Job Seeking Skills Training

Training courses usually take place over 3-4 weeks, 3 mornings a weeks, covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Jobs Club.
  • The World of Work Today.
  • Curriculum Vitae Preparation.
  • Letter Writing.
  • Application Forms.
  • Aptitude Test Preparation.
  • Telephone Techniques.
  • Interview Preparation and Techniques.
  • Mock Interviews.
  • Places for this training need to be booked in advance.


One to One Support

One to One Support is provided to clients who wish to target their C.V. for a particular job or industry.  Aptitude Testing, Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews can also be carried out for individual clients.

Please ring for further information/appointment on 061-311742.