Supporting Limerick communities is a significant element of PAUL Partnership’s work. 

A community development approach underpins the work of the Partnership.  A community development approach aims to empower people to work collectively to develop their community, and encourages participation, cooperation, and development of both individuals and communities.

The Partnership supports a range of community-based organisations and groups by:

  • Providing ongoing supports to the staff and management structures of community-based organisations to enable the delivery of community services and supports at a local level
  • Providing advice, information and guidance in relation to:
    • Identification of needs of community
    • Development of annual/operational plans
    • Planning/implementation/review/evaluation of project activities/services
    • HR management; financial management
    • Funding applications
    • Chairing/facilitation/administration of meetings.

These supports are provided under the Community Development strand of our Social Inclusion and Community Development Programme (SICAP).  For further information click here: sicap-community-development-supports-information or contact: Jessica Curtis, Social Programmes Co-ordinator,; 061 419388

Further details about SICAP are provided here: SICAP