PAUL Partnership 1989-2014

1989 EU Poverty 3 Programme is approved for Limerick. People Action Against Unemployment Ltd is formed with 12 partner agencies and a 17 person board. Its work is limited to 4 areas in the city – Moyross, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Mary’s, and Southill

1991 As part of the Programme for Economic and Social Progress (PESP), PAUL Partnership is selected as a pilot site for an area-based response to longterm unemployment. The organisation becomes a Partnership company and expands to include a fifth community – St. Munchin’s. It now also includes the Social Partners.

1992 The Money Advice Programme and the Limerick Adult Guidance Service are established and the European Global Grant for Local Development commences.

1993 The EU Horizon Programme for Lone Parents and the FÁS Community Employment Development Programme commence.

1994 PAUL Partnership is included in the 1994 – 1999 National Development Plan.

1995 PAUL Partnership sets up Community Development Projects in 5 areas, and the EU New Opportunities for Women Programme commences.  Estate Management Projects are established across the city. The Limerick Local Employment Service opens in the city centre and in 6 community locations.

1997 The PAUL Partnership Enterprise Support Centre and Service open. The EU Territorial Employment Pact is approved for Limerick City. PAUL Partnership is also one of 7 partner organisations responsible for establishing the Limerick Enterprise Development Park on the site of the former Krupps factory.

1998 A Student Bursary Scheme is established. The first group of students graduate from the University of Limerick’s Diploma in Money Advice programme.

1999 PAUL Partnership celebrates 10 years working for Limerick with an Awards Scheme for community organisations. The only EU Local Social Capital Programme in Ireland is approved for delivery by PAUL Partnership, West Limerick Resources, and Ballyhoura Development.  ‘Life on Low Income’ – a study on the needs of women on low incomes – is launched by the President of Ireland.  A School Meals Pilot Initiative is set up.

2000 PAUL Partnership becomes a member of the newly established City Development Board. The PAUL Partnership Strategic Plan 2000-2006 is published and the new Local Development Social Inclusion Programme (LDSIP) commences.

2001 The Millennium Fund for Third Level Access is administered by PAUL Partnership for the first time.

2002 The Community Application of Information Technology Programme is set up.  PAUL Partnership becomes a partner in the EU EQUAL Sonas Programme for Asylum Seekers. A Quality of Life Study in local communities is completed.

2004 The Limerick Food Partnership is established.

2005 The Northside Learning Hub opens. The Equality for Women Measure Tipping the Scales and the EU EQUAL Point2Enterprise Programmes begin.

2006 Where Credit is Due – a Limerick City Volunteering Initiative is established, and the Signing Information Mid-West Project commences. The first group of students begin the College Certificate on the Social Inclusion of Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Migrants in Mary Immaculate College.

2007 A baseline study of the ICT needs of communities in Limerick is completed. The Limerick Anti-Poverty Strategy (LAPS) Project and the Incredible Years Programme commence, both of which are co-ordinated by PAUL Partnership.

2008 The Board of Management and sub-structures are restructured. The Southill Area Centre opens. Research into the needs of young, single fathers is launched. The Limerick Children’s Services Committee (CSC) is set up and is charged with developing and coordinating policy in relation to children’s services. PAUL Partnership supports the work of the CSC by hosting the employment of the CSC Co-ordinator.

2009 The new Local and Community Development Programme is announced. PAUL Partnership now has a Board of Members representing 18 partner organisations from the community and voluntary sector, the social partners, the statutory sector, and the local authority. Community Participation in Primary Care Project is developed. Through its membership of the Limerick City and County Integration Group, PAUL Partnership supports the development of a new 3-year Integration Plan for Limerick City and County.

2010 The Local and Community Development Programme (LCDP) commences. The Limerick City Seed to Plate Project, a Community Food Initiative (CFI), is established, with the aim of developing and supporting community garden projects in Limerick City. The Volunteer Centre in Limerick opens and is operated collaboratively by PAUL Partnership, Ballyhoura Development and West Limerick Resources.

2011 The PAUL Partnership website is relaunched. The Northside Local Employment Service office opens in Watch House Cross.  The TÚS Programme, the Get Vocal Project, and the Traveller Health Advocacy Training Programme all commence. The 1st Annual Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival takes place.

2012 Start Right Limerick Programme commences in the Southside of Limerick City. The Community and Social Enterprise Programme (CSE) begins.

2013 Little Voices Family Learning Initiative commences.

2014 PAUL Partnership, along with its community partners, successfully tenders to deliver the new Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) in Limerick City from April 2015. Limerick is chosen as one of 13 locations around the country to receive funding under the Area Based Childhood (ABC) Programme.  PAUL Partnership is appointed as the Sponsor Agency for the new city and county-wide Community Employment Childcare Training and Development Programme.  PAUL Partnership actively supports Limerick’s year as National City of Culture through its support of community-based arts events.