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“Working with you to improve the Learning, Health & Wellbeing of your children”

ABC Start Right Limerick is an early intervention and prevention initiative focusing on the ante-natal to 6 years age-group in the city centre and north side of Limerick city. The programme aims to enhance child development and well-being, provide capacity-building supports to parents, and tackle educational disadvantage using evidence-informed approaches and interventions.

ABC Start Right works to develop better learning, health and well-being outcomes for children from birth to six years in the Northside and City Centre of Limerick City by working in partnership with families, early years practitioners and a range of statutory, voluntary and community services to deliver a continuum of high-quality, user-friendly and integrated services and supports to families in the area.

Key elements of the ABC Start Right programme include the following:

  • Supporting quality provision in community early years settings through on-site mentoring, developmental support and support for accredited training
  • Community Wraparound, which works in partnership with statutory, community and voluntary services to provide Age and Stage appropriate developmental checks, information and Parenting Support.
  • Little Voices Oral Language Programme provides support for early oral language development for child from 0-4 in partnership with early years services and schools.
  • Enhanced Supports for Children and Families. This element of the programme includes creative therapies, psychology supports, Homemaker Family Support Service (home-based early intervention and prevention parenting support) and the Positive Parenting Population Approach campaign.


ABC Start Right Little Voices

Little Voices is the Oral Language strand of the ABC Start Right Limerick project.  Little Voices focuses on developing a collaborative and universal approach that engages children through the implementation of various training, mentoring supports and parent programmes. Little Voices is for all young children and their families in the Northside and City Centre communities of Limerick. Little Voices has two language teachers who work with parents, families and staff to develop young children’s speech, language and communication skills. We run groups, giving practical tips and ideas on how to help develop children’s language and help them learn to talk. Little Voices works in baby & toddler groups, crèches, preschools, junior infant classes and health centres in the ABC Start Right areas.

“because being a parent is the most important job in the world”

The purpose of love parenting is to provide parents with high quality information on some of the elements of how positive parenting can support their child’s development at each stage and how they can access further support your if you are finding some elements of parenting (or perhaps all of it) a little challenging.

On our website you will find information on each stage of a child’s development which will help to encourage better developmental outcomes for children and young people at local and community level. You can also search supports to find relevant children’s and parenting services. The site has information and links to other useful websites about children’s health and well-being, parenting and Family Support services.

Parenting is the most important job in the world, but it is also the most challenging! No one can do it by themselves. We hope that will be a resource to support you in your parenting so that you can build a happy, nurturing, loving relationship with your child.